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Bartleby – Case Study

Bartleby was my second app. I had read a bit about Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework and wanted to create a chat app that didn’t require a network. There are apps that let you connect openly with others (Firechat, etc), but not create private conversations. I wanted to create an app that allowed this, and the result was Bartleby.



Muttro – Case Study

Muttro was my first project after the basics section of the Bloc bootcamp. I had a new 10 week old puppy and suddenly found myself constantly searching for dog attractions. I decided to build an app dedicated to searching for all things dog related.



Better Late Than Never

This is a repost from my short lived coding blog. I’ve updated a couple things, though the message generally stays true, except I’ll ramble about more than code here. The occasional photo, music, or general tech work rant will likely appear. I don’t know, maybe not. It’s a blog.


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